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Working on my stickhandling in the off-season. Hockey joke aside, I made this little art project in my backyard using sticks I found in the woods.

I wanted to revisit the place where, in February, I’d hit my head really hard on the ice, resulting in my having to get six stitches in my left temple. This work was my way of saying “thank you” to the guardian angel that had watched over me on that day.

The form is a circle knocked out of a golden rectangle, with rays emanating outward from (or inward to) the center of the circle, constrained by the boundaries of the rectangle.

To document the making of this assemblage, I mounted my camera on a little perch about 13 feet up a nearby tree. In order to protect the camera from Saturday’s rain and today’s snow, I built a little roof over the perch.

The filming setup.