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Solstice Skate

The day before the Winter Solstice, I enjoyed the fruits of my autumn labor. It was a little slice of heaven. For a couple of all-too-fleeting hours, I danced under a powder-blue sky. I forgot all about work, the pandemic, politics, pettiness, violence, racism, sexism, oppression, greed, commercialism, exploitation, pollution, interpersonal strain, pain, tics, shame, loss, sorrow, and all the other anxiety-inducing issues that seem to colonize the consciousness from day to day. For a couple of hours it was all lightness, bliss, and balance. (And an incessantly runny nose.) Later in the evening I recorded a bit of bass guitar to accompany the video. All in all it was a good day. Here’s to the return of the light.

Me, standing in the rink in late November before the water had frozen.