Looking Forward, Looking Back

Around the end of 2019, several friends posted about the ways in which they’d changed and grown over the previous year. As much as I enjoyed reading those sentiments, at the time I wasn’t moved to post similar thoughts of my own.

Then it occurred to me to use the medium of photography to share my most memorable experiences of 2019. In the gallery below, you can click on thumbnail images to launch larger versions. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Looking Forward, Looking Back

  1. Wow, nice! If I had a clue how to do this, I’d rev up my sound-asleep blog and do the same. There’s what IG thinks are the 9 best, and there’s the ones that matter to me personally. Thanks for sharing the stories as well as the visuals. And thanks for that Emerson quote—a classic!

    Kris Macomber
    @khmacomber on IG.

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